The Book 4U

In Search of the Right Book? Take a look at these sites . . .

At EPIC READS you can search for Young Adult book reviews by title, author, genre, upcoming titles, and new releases. There are videos, giveaways, quizzes, polls, lists of what's HOT, and more!

GUYS READ is an awesome site for guy books! Run by Jon Sciezka, author of the Guys Read book series, it offers book suggestions by topics like rock and roll, robots, outer space, nature, sports, cars, dragons, and "at least one explosion."

TEENS@RANDOM is a great site about books by Random House Publishing. It's geared especially to middle school readers, so it's recommended for 6th and 7th graders especially.

GOODREADS publishes lists of teen books by theme, some of which are quite specific. Browse lists of "Best 'Strong Female' Fantasy Novels," "YA Books Boys Will Love," "Best Non-Fiction War Books," "Books That Had You Sobbing," and many, many more!

YALSA's THE HUB publishes great reviews of recommended books in blog format. A couple times a month they do a new post on a selected theme; recent posts include, for example, teen books set in outer space, books about the refugee experience, books about characters with serious illnesses, and classic fairy tale retellings.

TEEN LIT ROCKS is a site by a professional reviewer who offers book lists, author Q&A pages, book club suggestions, giveaways, favorites lists, and more.