Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Banned Books

What's a Banned Book?

Banned books are books that have been banned or challenged in schools and libraries throughout the country for a variety of reasons.

Here at Lakeshore Middle School, we buy age-appropriate books for a wide variety of middle school readers.  We have students with different religions, different ethnicities, different family backgrounds, and different life experiences.  We have books to suit all of them!  

If you're looking for a special kind of book to match your needs, we can help you find it.  And if you find a book that doesn't meet your preferences, don't choose it! :-)

Learn more about banned books on the following sites. Remember, we won't have all of these at LMS, because some are written for elementary or high school students. Click on the Destiny Catalog link (in the right sidebar) to see whether LMS owns a specific book.

~Wayne State College has a great list of banned books with reasons for their being banned at THIS LINK.

~HERE is another list by the New York Public Library.

~Teenreads publishes a blog feature called "UnBan a Book." HERE is the list of teen books they've advocated "unbanning." 

~15 Banned Books Every Tween and Teen Should Read! HERE is the list of highly acclaimed titles. 

Happy Reading!